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Hello friends!

After an eventful (to say the VERY least) 2020, we are filled with gratitude to have survived another year.  Although it looked and felt quite different this year, our hard-working staff and wonderful guests have made 2020 a success despite all odds! 

We will be closed for business until Tuesday, January 26th when we will resume operations for takeout.  We feel this is the best choice for our business right now, and appreciate your understanding.  

We would like to wish you and yours a safe, peaceful and joyous holiday.  Many thanks for another great season!

-The Tusk

small plates and sharing

simple salad: mixed greens, lemon vinaigrette, radish, cucumber, feta. 11 (V) (gf)
Tuscan kale caesar: house dressing, maple bacon, croutons, parmesan. 12 (gf)
crispy brussels’ sprouts: horseradish aioli, pine nuts, parmesan. 13 (v) (gf)
the soup. (gf)
500 ml. 7


large plates

pub curry: w/ rice + accompaniments.
veg 19 (v)(gf)
meat 24 (gf)
super bowl 2.0: wild rice, grilled peppers, roasted cauliflower, falafel, avocado, tahini dressing. 21 (v)(gf)
shawarma shepherd’s pie: seasoned chicken + peppers, garlic mash, simple salad. 24 (gf)
steak: bone marrow butter, truffled polenta, sauteed mushrooms, wilted greens. 32 (gf)
fish and chips: tempura haddock, slaw, tusk tartar sauce, lemon. 25 (gf)

sunday brunch

Sorry folks, for the time being we have decided to suspend our Sunday brunch.  We appreciate your understanding, and will resume brunch just as soon as we can!


(all served on house-made bun, topped w/ lettuce, tomato + pickle, served w/ fries)
tusk: 6 oz beef patty w/ garlic aioli, cheddar, house ketchup. 17
lamburger: 6 oz lamb patty w/ pickled onion, goat cheese, arugula. 17
grilled jerk chicken: mango chutney + crispy jalapenos. 16
big game burger: 6 oz bison patty w/ blueberry relish, charred onion ricotta. 19
surf n’ turf: 6 oz beef patty w/ shrimp-pimento cheese sauce. 20
bacon or peameal +2 
beyond meat patty +2
gluten free bun +1.5


217 Harbour Street, Kincardine
Closed Monday
4:00 p.m. - 8:00(ish) p.m.